C&K Edwards – Preliminary

Welcome to the Edwards residence.


Can you tell it started snowing when I was measuring and picture taking? It was April. Oy.

Their yard is pretty expansive, so I won’t include all the pictures and every angle. You’re welcome! But hopefully you’ll get the idea all the same. Starting at the front:



Around to the back:







And at the front again:


FILE71691 FILE71685 FILE71697

This classic, colonial style home required a bit of a formal landscaping theme mixed with curves from the half circle driveway to soften the formality. Thus, the arc & tangent theme was born. Or mostly just used.

Preliminary, Front

For the backyard, C&K wanted fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a fire pit area, and a playground area. I also included a pea gravel seating area near the playground, a pergola over the larger concrete patio area, and a raised wooden deck for formal entertaining and an elevated view of the mountains.

Preliminary, Back


Love some feedback!

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