D&T Michaelis Residence

D&T Michaelis are a young family with a gaggle of energetic kids. Their backyard is a good size, but when you factor in a big swingset (those aren’t their kids, by the way),

back -a

a vegetable garden,

back -v

a deck,

back -w

and large concrete patio, there isn’t a lot of room for much else.

back -b

But these are ambitious people, and they also wanted a place for fruit trees and a fire pit! That meant spacing was going to be tricky with this design. Good thing I love a design challenge! I really do. It’s kind of a thrill for me.

Their front yard is smaller, but they wanted to put a bench swing somewhere so they could relax and watch their kids playing in the front with the neighbor kids.

front -f (blurred)

One side of their house is unused space, leading to a long planting area above a retaining wall in back.

front -g

back -h

The other side is another large, sloped concrete area for more car (or trailer/boat) parking, with a planting bed in the corner by the sidewalk.

front -b

front -e

Now that you have a feel for where things started, let me show you what I came up with for their new design!

Ta da!

Michaelis preliminary design

And this is what the trees and shrubs will look like:

Michaelis Plant Pics 1Michaelis Plant Pics 2Michaelis Plant Pics 3Michaelis Plant Pics 4

See part 2, here, for an explanation of the design!

Love some feedback!

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