gallery Edwards – Master Plan

Here’s where we ended up at the Edwards’ home. The front yard didn’t change much from the preliminary design.

C&K Edwards Master Plan, front - blurred

But we tweeked the backyard a bit by changing a few of the tree choices – a large evergreen for three shorter ones, flowering trees for evergreens to provide more privacy, and a weeping tree in the corner by the playground. Which they also may change to a trampoline area.

 C&K Edwards Master Plan, back - blurred

Sadly, I haven’t gotten a hold of them since this design. I wish I knew how they were coming along on it. But I did drive past once and saw some of the front yard changes, like the two Snow Fountain Weeping Cherries and the row of Skyrocket Junipers.


Here are the other plants from the design that’ll go in over time.

Edward Picture List 1Edward Picture List 2 Edward Picture List 3 Edward Picture List 4 Edward Picture List 5

Should be beautiful!


Love some feedback!

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