Grand View Manor Apartments

Along 500 West in Provo, near my favorite Liege waffle place, Waffle Love, is a long apartment complex called Grand View Manor. Fortunately, the waffles are new to the area. Had they been there when I was doing this design, all my tools and the design itself probably would’ve been covered in sugary, heavenly yumminess. On second thought, maybe I could’ve charged more for a design smeared with their waffles…


A good friend and fellow designer passed along my name to the manager. He supposedly had gotten permission from the owners to have a design drawn up for some better landscaping. It wasn’t terrible, but he thought they could charge more for rent with a more inviting, attractive, and interactive landscape.


Here are some angles of the front and back of the first building.

Some beautiful flowering crabapples.


A large utility structure right in the front – eek! And some metal mailboxes. On the north side of the lot, there’s a large playground area enclosed with a wrought iron fence (in the background of the picture below).


Unfortunately, the swing set didn’t make the cut and ended up disconnected from the rest of the play area. The plantings around the pine tree look young – which is why they’re pretty small – but are still a little low on quantity.


Looking back at the apartments – a few more plantings, but nothing connected:


Around the back is mostly just parking lot. But there are a couple of storage sheds and a basketball hoop.


In between the two buildings is just a through-way with parking on either side.

On to Building 2. As you can see, it’s a looooong building. Again, the plantings are sparse and some are still young.



DSCN1896 DSCN1910 DSCN1937

The back of this building is also used for parking, but is a little more interactive than the back of the first building with a grill, a swing set, and a couple of picnic tables. Take a look.

DSCN1913 DSCN1919 DSCN1932

That’s that! Now let’s discuss design plans. For the first building, the manager envisioned a new sign to go along the main road (500 West), a water feature, a pavilion (which in the design I called a pergola, but it’s really a pavilion) for covered eating, an enclosure for the garbage dumpsters in the back, relocation of the storage sheds, and removal of the basketball hoop that nobody seemed to use.GVM bldg 1, blurred

This is a really rough sketch of the new sign and some possible font choices for it. The idea here is to have the sign sporting tiered brick planters on either side which would really add some wow. I also played around with possible corner details. And of course the word “apartments” wouldn’t be floating randomly askew and above the sign.

GVM Sign Sketch-001

I think the second one down on the left was what I based the sketch off of.

GVM Sign Names

For building two, we both agreed that not much needed to change. We nixed the swing set in the back, and he wanted a dry creek bed running the length of the front of the building (which continued in front of the first building and ended at the fountain). Other than that and filling places in with more plants, that’s all the second building required.

GVM bldg 2, b&w

Last, but not least, here’s their plant list in picture form:

GVM Picture List 1             GVM Picture List 2          GVM Picture List 3

GVM Picture List 4          GVM Picture List 5

Now, if you’ve driven by this apartment complex, you may notice that it doesn’t look like anything has changed. That’s because it hasn’t! Once the design was done, I was never able to meet with the manager. He was a no-show at least once and then never returned my calls or texts. Womp womp. But if ever the actual owners want to make some changes, the design is ready!

Love some feedback!

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