Philbrick Residence

Second semester freshman year, I took my first design class. It felt like I was a toddler being thrown into the deep end of the pool. I had no clue what I was doing, and surrounding me were juniors and seniors who soon after became something of giants in the industry. Heck, I didn’t even know where the design building was, or that one even existed! I did my work in the commons room on my dorm floor because it was the only place that had a table big enough for design work. It was one of those plastic skin-colored tables that’s kind of bumpy. Not ideal for making neat, straight lines. It makes me laugh looking back on how little I knew.

We had one project that semester – to create an actual design for a homeowner. Seeing as how I was from Ohio and was still pretty new to Utah, and all my friends lived in the dorms and not in houses, I was pretty worried. Luckily, a girl on my floor was from the neighboring town of Orem, and I was able to do a design for her parents’ home. Here’s the master plan, from 2002.

Philbrick Design, pen 1

Notice how I had named my potential, future design company “Seasons Landscaping” and have a different logo? (It’s a fallen leaf that I drew, if you can’t tell.) When I decided to actually give designing a go in the real world, I think I looked up Seasons Landscaping and it already existed somewhere. So I thought up something more original and drew a different logo, both of which I’m enamored with.

Years later, for an advanced design class, I redrew the design in color and included a site analysis and an elevation view. It looks much better (if I do say so myself) than the one I did freshman year.

Philbrick Master Design, color


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