Prices are based on approximate yard sizes and may vary depending on the circumstances of your current yard and the elements you want to incorporate into your new yard.

A quick explanation of the terms below and the prices: A preliminary design entails the most amount of work – a consultation, measuring the property, plotting it to-scale on paper, figuring out the most appropriate design style, deciding where major features should go, choosing hardscape elements and what they should look like, and layering in plants. The master plan is an updated revision of the preliminary, and is only necessary if you want to make major changes to the design. A layout plan is a simple measurements plan (no plants or other details) to show specific dimensions and spacing – helpful if you want to install the design yourself.


Consultations are for those who want basic ideas of what and where to place things. Maybe your yard has already been decently landscaped and you just want to know which shrubs and trees to add in. Or perhaps you already have some ideas, but want to run them by a professional with an artistic eye to make sure your ideas will look right. That’s the time for a consultation.

Consultations start at $50/hr and usually last between one and two hours. Rough sketches on-site are an additional $50. Designs include a consultation, but if you decide to go ahead with a design after having a consultation, the cost of the consultation is deducted from the design price.

SMALL YARDS (up to 0.20 acres)

Preliminary Design:  $500

Master Plan:  an additional $200

Layout Plan (helpful for the DIY’er): $100

MEDIUM YARDS (0.25-0.4 acres)

Preliminary Design:  $1000

Master Plan:  an additional $300

Layout Plan: $250

LARGE YARDS (0.5-0.9 acres)

Preliminary Design:  $1500

Master Plan:  an additional $500

Layout Plan:  $450

Please be aware that DIY’ing a large yard is doable, but daunting.


Preliminary Design:  $2500+

Master Plan:  an additional $800+

Layout Plan:  $950+

DIY’ing a yard that is over an acre large is also doable for the adventurous, determined, avid gardener, but is not recommended for most people.

Contact me for pricing if you’d like just a backyard design or just a front yard design, or if you’re interested in DIY’ing your sprinkler system. *Please do not attempt a sprinkler system without a sprinkler design plan.*

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Discount: Have a neighbor who’s talking about landscape plans too? If they start a design with me before the end of yours, you get 10% off the final payment of your preliminary design and they get 10% off the initial payment of their preliminary design!   *Cannot be combined with other offers.