gallery BYU Class Designs – Provo City Alley & Saratoga Springs Elementary

Back in the day, our class was asked to draw up some designs for Saratoga Springs Elementary. In the middle of the school was a courtyard that they hoped to use for hands-on learning. They asked for a wetlands section, a desert section, and a forested section. I also included outdoor school seating, grow boxes, and along the wall, some storage boxes.

Saratoga Springs Design

Our class also designed a spot in Provo. We worked in groups, and I don’t remember now if each group got to pick a different location or if it was assigned to us or if we all did the same one. At any rate, I worked with three of my good friends, some of the most talented designers in the program – Elise (Sabey) Zvirzden, Jenny Frodsham, and Anna West. Our design location was an unused alley on Center Street, next to a little Peruvian restaurant and across the street from the City Government building. We never actually took the finished design to Provo City’s land development offices, but maybe I’ll do that one of these days…

Provo City Designs 1

Provo City Designs 2

In case you can’t read the blurb at the top of the first Provo City design pic, it says,


Provo City has a rich history with unique facts. It was first settled by the Mormons in 1849 and Provo has been a focal point of the Utah Valley with its commerce, industry, and government. Two railroad lines went through Provo leading to greater growth.

It has been these facts that have directed us in the theme of our Center Street design. We have gone with a vintage look to accentuate Provo’s unique history. The design is a combination of modern technology and materials with a vintage feel.

We want this site to be a place where people can come and relax and reflect on the roots of this town. There will be gas stoves and an outdoor fireplace for warmth in the winter. The benches and seating areas provide year-round resting areas. The train tracks and statue and signs add visual interest. A particular point of interest in this design is the small chocolate shop that will be vintage style. There will also be places that will be good for engagement and family photos.

Provo Plaza 1 - color

Provo Plaza 2 - color