gallery BYU Campus Designs

These are some designs for actual sites on BYU’s campus. They were fun to do. But, spoiler alert – none were ever installed. Womp womp.

This one was for the Terraced Gardens that used to be east of the duck pond, connecting the Cluff Building to upper campus. The Terraced Gardens was an area of switch-back paver paths mixed with mulched paths, small sections of stairs, perennial flower beds, and spots for class study with things like different types of grasses or growing corn. At the bottom, there was a small and narrow, steep, unmaintained area just before a little parking lot for the Cluff Building. Each member of our class created a design for that unmaintained area. Some designs were totally different and ridiculously cool. My objective was to mimic the upper portion by creating the switch-back/steps + perennials combo. We also had to render the design as it would look in each season.

BYU Terraced Garden Seasonal Design

A few years ago, they demo’ed the Cluff Building and all of the gardens. Our small design building is no longer obscurely nestled at the bottom of the hill. Now it’s a gigantic building that climbs the hill!

One of the main buildings on campus is the Wilkinson Center. It houses the food court, the bookstore, some ballrooms, a small movie theater, a small bowling alley, offices, and a ton of small rooms. A courtyard situated near the main ballroom plays host to moderate-sized events and gatherings. At the time I did this design (one of my early ones, about a decade ago – eek!), the courtyard had about a 2′ straight-edged planting perimeter, dotted by some scraggly-looking indoor plants. I wanted to loosen the feel of the space and make it more lush and inviting, so I designed curved planting beds, along with two water features – a smaller cascading waterfall near a raised seating area (second image below) and on the opposite wall, a 10′ tall sheet waterfall, or water wall.

Wilkinson Garden Court Design

Wilkinson Garden Court Elevation View


The last one done for campus was a rooftop garden for the SWKT (Spencer W. Kimball Tower, affectionately called the Swikit), a collaborative class project. This one had the best chance of actually being installed I think. Rooftop gardens are a massive installation though. Especially if they’re an afterthought and the structure they sit on wasn’t constructed with reinforcements or specifications for water, etc. The design is awesome though.

{picture hopefully coming soon}