Dawson Prelim, explained (2)

*As you might notice, this post isn’t finished! While working on it, I clicked “publish” instead of “save”. Woops! Hang tight while I finish it up and publish it on purpose.


The full design again for you:

Dawson Preliminary Design title 2

The back is pretty long, so we’ll tackle it in three sections.

Dawson Preliminary Design crop 5

In the first section, let’s start with the patio/deck. Here’s what the architect drew up for that area.

Architects Plan View crop 2

It was slated as being a poured concrete patio, but the Dawson’s weren’t keen on a large concrete slab. They also wanted something a little bigger with outdoor rooms (i.e. distinct areas for specific purposes) for eating, relaxing, entertaining. I also knew the main floor of the house was above grade, so there needed to be stairs somewhere – either right off the house going down to the patio or off the patio going down to the ground. And E of course wanted pea gravel as part of the equation.

Dawson Preliminary Design crop 7.

First thing I did was change the concrete patio to be a raised wooden deck with integrated stairs leading down to the yard (arrow 1). To the left of arrow 1, there’s a single deck chair with a small side table/garden stool on one side and a tall flower pot on the other side. To the right of arrow 1, there’s another seating area for two with a stool/table in between. Next to that (arrow 2) is a long, narrow, rectangular planter box for succulents and annuals – a specific idea that E was hoping to work into the design somehow. It’s placed right by the kitchen window so that, depending on the height of the box and what they plant, they could see the flowers and plants when they look out. Opposite the seating and planter box was the perfect spot for an outdoor kitchen with cabinets and built-in grill (arrow 3).

Leaving the deck area takes you to several distinct entertaining areas. Hexagon 4 indicates a transition area made of the same large slab stone/concrete with pea gravel “grouting” that was in the front side yard. Hex 5 is the main outdoor dining area – close to the grill and deck – with W-block pavers under foot, like those seen in the front yard as well. (Check out the first post here for a reminder of what both those hardscape materials would look like.) Hopping over to hex 6 are more W-block pavers for a lounge area with an outdoor sectional, some chairs, side tables, and tall flower pots. Hex 7 for lounging by a tall, chimney’ed fireplace set on the diagonal with an elevated hearth surrounding it for extra seating.  !!  I mean, come on. Let’s pull out all the stops for this place!

In between each of those sections is a pea gravel walkway (arrow 8) leading you to other areas of the yard. *Crunch, crunch, crunch.*


Love some feedback!

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