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D&S Landures have an interesting shaped lot. Before doing some major changes, they had two separate sections of their front yard – the more welcoming front yard…


…and a bygone goat corral and old shed.


The front was already landscaped, with focal points and cute seating areas.


But they wanted to expand it to include the former goat corral. That meant removing the solid fence separating the two sections and getting rid of everything else in that area.


Here’s a 360 of their landscaped front.





Interrupting the 360 for a sec: You can kind of see that even though this section was already landscaped, it still needed some attention. The sparse plantings and the dry creek bed (rocks that simulate the feel of a creek) just weren’t cutting it.

Ok, on with the show.




And here are a couple more shots of the huge goat corral.



I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but their front yard is long and narrow when factoring in the corral. It’s almost triangular even. D&S’s major idea for the space was to have an actual creek, instead of just a dry creek bed. But they didn’t want a pond that they’d have to maintain. No problemo. So I designed a meandering stream the length of the yard with a little waterfall at the top, nooks for seating and exploring, large pathways and small ones. For this design, I worked with Derk Hebdon of Bratt Water Features and Landscape Concepts LLC. Derk informed me that while it wasn’t impossible to have such a long stream without a pond at the end, it was uncommon and would be a huge undertaking (literally). It would require a ginormous underground tank that would catch the water before recycling it back to the top. Basically an underground pond. We talked to them about the requirements, and they wanted to go with it. Pretty cool! So here’s the design.

Landures b&w (2)

The really tricky spot on the design was how to address the large utility box. Before opening up the goat corral, it was nestled next to the fence – fairly unobtrusive.


Without the fence, it was an eyesore smack dab in the middle of the lawn. I could’ve connected it to the front walkway with a planting bed, but would’ve lost a lot of lawn. Instead, I enclosed it with tall evergreen shrubs to hide it all year long, creating a circular planting bed.

And in case you’re wondering, up against the house on the right side, the planting bed will remain as it was, so I didn’t include it in the drawing. I kept the fountain at the front, but added more shrubs to make that area feel more like a secluded sanctuary.

Landures b&w close-up

Sometimes I don’t include specific perennials, but in this case I did. The first design, three pictures above, is without the perennials labeled. In the second one, below, I labeled them using a little color.

Landures color (2)