gallery T&K Marcheschi Residence

Welcome to the T&K Marcheschi residence!

20150307_161846 blurred

T&K are a young couple with young kids in a chic little house with loads of character. They also have impressive do-it-yourself skills. And those diy skills were about to get some major exercise. I think it was a broken water line that started the yard upheaval. Isn’t that always the case – one project that you’ve had on the to-do list for a long time suddenly gets bumped up to first place because of some disaster that you need to fix? In this case, it meant getting to essentially start over, from scratch. Those are my favorite designs.

Shall we begin the tour?

As you can see in the above photo, they needed a new front walk. They had had one previously, but it was a little narrow for their liking, so a wider one was on the wish list. Around to the east (right-hand side in the picture), they have a narrow side-yard with soon-to-be three window wells and a chain link fence covered in vines separating them and their neighbors.



Beyond that and around the back of the house, they have another narrow alleyway between the house and the detached garage. This area is so shady that when it rains or snows, it’s a generous mud pit! 20150307_162015


Behind the house is the detached garage, little patio, and nice size backyard for the kiddos to play in…




… but only two sides of their corner-lot property are fenced in. The two sides separating them from houses, instead of the sides separating them from the road. In other words, the backyard is a good size for their kids to play in, but not safe for the kids to play in. Fencing was definitely going to happen.

Lastly, along the other side of the house is a side entrance, leading out to the garage and backyard.


T&K’s design aesthetic is clean, modern and sophisticated, but warm and inviting. Totally my jam. So I was pretty excited about this design. When we met, they showed me a bunch of pictures of landscaping looks they liked and gave me a good list of plants they like. And here’s where I put their ideas on paper!


Can’t wait to show you what’s been happening at their house!

Love some feedback!

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